Riders Stories – The Grizzz


When did you first start riding? When I was 12

What was your first bike? A Homemade bike with an old wash machine motor (yes Virginia, back in the dinosaur age, they did use gas motors on the Westinghouse wash machines)

What do you ride now? ’08 FLHTCU

What’s your favourite ride route? Gazelle’s Dragon

What’s your favourite smell? Freshly cut hay fields

If you could ride with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be? My dad and brother

What kind of invention would you like to see for motorcycling? Endless fuel supply and zero maintenance

What’s your idea of a perfect ride? The Canyon Ride in Sturgis

What do you think of the new ebike technology? Too early to tell – it’s getting there

How could you see motorcycling going greener? Use a different shade of green paint

Did you ever have a nearly religious experience while riding? Several

Where would you like to ride if money distance was not barrier? Around the world

Who is your motorcycle hero? My dad