-Riders Stories – Experimental Ghost

When did you first start riding?
Officially in early 1990, but rode a step through when I was in my early teens.
What was your first bike?
A 1971 Honda CB750/4 K2… with K6 front end. I bought the bike as a jigsaw puzzle for $200 off a work mate. It came in two milk crates and a couple of parts bins.
What do you ride now?
Suzuki Bandit GSF1250SA (2012)
What’s your favourite ride route?
Hmm that’s a tough one, there are so many nice rides around here. If I had to choose, I’d say the Tamborine Mountain/ Beechmont loop (South East Queensland, Australia)
Although I’m starting to explore parts of Northern New South Wales now, and there are some really nice rides there too.
What’s your favourite smell?
If you could ride with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
The Pillion – but she says she’ll never pilot a bike herself *sigh*
What kind of invention would you like to see for motorcycling?
Suspension that adapts automatically to the terrain you are on and type of riding you are doing. Instead of pushing a button (A-la BMW) or having to adjust suspension settings manually.
Accident avoidance technology would be nice too Something that tells you when you’re in a blind spot or lets you know when another vehicle is about to run a stop sign or something (through speed estimation maybe?)
What’s your idea of a perfect ride?
Enjoying scenery on great roads that have very little traffic something that lets me get out of my head and leave the world behind.
Being able to learning new things about places you visit and meeting new people/ making new friends along the way.
What do you think of the new ebike technology?
Bring it on!
I think ebikes will make real headway in the next 3 – 5 years.
Battery life and charging times are the only real things holding it all back, everything else can be transplanted across from current technology. The look, the features… everything can be used form current bikes.
The die hards will still want the sound or gasoline powered machines though. Maybe they can have a recording of their favorite bike exhaust in lieu of that 🙂
How could you see motorcycling going greener?
Specifically for ebikes… having the ability to charge from the sun, either while riding or while parked.
They do it now with the solar cars as part of the World Solar Challenge ( http://www.worldsolarchallenge.org/ ) no reason it cant be done for bikes as well. Just need to brig the cost of solar panels down.
Did you ever have a nearly religious experience while riding?
Not while riding, just before.
I’d just filled up at a local servo and remember looking up at the sky and thinking “Wow that looks like a face in the clouds”. A few clicks down the road I bumped into a Mitsubishi Colt at 80km/h (50mp/h)
I sustained soft tissue damage in my right leg and lost most of the feeling in my left little toe, but no broken bones. The bike was a write off though.
I’m sure someone was looking out for me that day, and to this day I’ve been reluctant to look at the sky while riding in case I see that face again.
Where would you like to ride if money distance was not barrier?
Canada – Specifically through both Jasper and Banff National Parks. After that I’d head down through the centre of the US taking in the high country.
Who is your motorcycle hero?
Barry Sheen – That man had character