Plying the Waters of Life


(Photo Credited to Dave Bosha Photography)

Sometimes it feels like we traverse the waters of our life alone. The only vessel on desolate waters with no others in sight. No land. No other being in the vast expanse. And when the squalls hit, the hit that much harder because we think we are alone.
It is not so. Or voyages are not singular. Know that there are others out there who are going through the same things we are, often at the same time. We just have to sometimes reach out, pick up the radio and call out. There are people out there waiting to hear our voice.

More Toy Run

A picture says a thousand words. Here are words of my own

With the sun sliding behind the mountain, it promises a wonderful and warm day.
Every year it seems more and more bikes are able to squeeze into the upper lot. A rider in the run can always tell when it’s going to be a big run ~ especially when the lower lot is full and it’s still 2.5 hours before the gun goes off
Another shot down the line into the lower lot
At 10:30 the lower lot is full and it starts to fill up in the upper lot
There is always one in every crowd of bikes
As with every individual and unique biker comes individual and unique bikes. Out of the 1400+ that attended, there were quite a few
…down the lower lot