That time of year

Its that time of year again. The time of year when i start my ride wish list. These past few years have been a total bust with COVID and travel. Here’s hoping that 2022 makes up for it.

One of the rides i am interested in is going down the Washington, Oregon coast. I’ve heard it’s an amazing ride and the pictures i’ve seen with the scenery look amazing. I’m wondering if anyone reading this can recommend/suggest any sights to see? I’m thinking the 101 from Port Angeles, down to Astoria, over to Interstate 5, then up 101 past Shelton and Lilliwaup to Port Angeles and back to Victoria, BC, Canada.

Any feedback from anyone on that?


The problem I have with winter on the coast is that being at sea level and the temperature is dipping down to -17, most of the houses are not insulated for this sort of temperature, and most people aren’t prepared for this. I’m not even getting into the driving habits, and people that are complaining that they can’t get out to their towel sales on their bald tires or summer tires of their cars. As well, the necessity to work all holiday season long means I get to work and have to leave the house during this time.

Suffice it to say – bah humbug winter weather sucks

On the flip side of the coin – I wish all of my readers a safe and relaxing holiday season. May 2022 find you riding more and enjoying safe and sensational travels.

Fall riding.

Campbell River, BC Fall ride.

What a great day for a ride. It was a bit cold 🥶 as a start degree was 6 °C. The day before had been a hail storm, leaving drifts of white hail in the shaded corners.

I didn’t leave until after 11:30 and met up with four other riders. 2 more joined then we left to ride the Old Island Hwy up to Campbell River for lunch. We stopped at Buckley Bay for a break then proceeded to Taco Del Mar.

Great ride! The temperature was perfect. The fellow riders were awesome. And lunch was big, fresh and amazing.

Great day in the saddle.