It’s one of those days.

The problem with buying a secondhand bike, is that as you start to learn about the bike, and ride it, and get to know the bike for what it is, you start to discover some of the things that were done by the previous owner. One of the things I discovered was that the highway pegs had been installed upside down. Sometimes, a person just has to scratch their head.

I’m starting to get to know the bike and today was a perfect day to take it out for a long ride. A trip to the bike games in Nanaimo and a sunny day with a long ride was exactly what was needed. I saw lots of friends, that I hadn’t seen before. I also met up with people I hadn’t seen for a long time. It was a good day with good weather and a good ride.



So you say that when you are riding your motorcycle you get chased by dogs?  Thats cute…

In Canada – getting chased by a canine takes on a whole new meaning:





Russia’s Night Wolves Ride across the Ukrainian border

I came across this post on the pages of the internet.  YES that is Vladimir Putin in the lead on a trike.

I’m all for group rides but something about this one makes me very wary.

Vladimir Putin rides across the border into the Ukraine with his motorcycle brothers at his side. <– click here to read

Way to go Charley!

I had the opportunity to ride with Charley (albeit in a huge pack of bikes – and at the very end of the pack no less so he didn’t even know I existed LOL) on the last leg of his Extreme Adventures Canada show. I was impressed with how personable he was and how down to earth he seemed to be. The man really does enjoy being on his bike.

Charley Boorman makes the motorcycle icons list – click here

Way to go Charley


Map of Vancouver Island
Map of Vancouver Island
(Map courtesy of guideulysses)

Points North

Lately what I am finding is an added bonus to being in a different city is – this new location gives me access to places that might otherwise be outside the realm of travel.

Any trip I choose to take now has me reassessing my time/travel constraints. In the past when looking north on my island, I would add 3 – 3 1/2 hours travel time on any trip I wanted to take from my original local. Sometimes it would mean that I would actually be forced to decide whether something was a ‘do-able’ based on travel time and affordability. Now,I am 3 hours closer (return trip) to the north part of the island and things have actually been reduced to ‘day trips’ that would historically been overnighters.

My ride wish list for the year has been duly adjusted and I have been diligently peering over maps planning my ride calendar out. Nothing exact, mind you. More general than anything. For example, in May I will be heading to Port Alice. June will be Telegraph Cove etc. That way I have a whole month to do things and there is at least 30 days in which to do the ride – depending on my days off.

This year, being an odd year, is destined to be the year for close to home trips while next year will be another year for longer trips. Hopefully (hint hint) to the North West Territories.

Travel insurance



For those of you who do not know, I live in the Province of British Columbia in Canada.  Sometimes my travels take me outside of my home province and with that, I understand that my medical coverage might be lacking.  Quite recently I have discovered how lacking that is.  From what I understand, BC medical coverage (and one other province) has the lowest rates for provincial coverage in Canada.  This means, if I travel to Alberta and get sick, my provincial coverage is not enough and I will incur extra costs regarding this. 

Where can you get extra coverage?  Some people get coverage through their local Automobile Association. Some people have coverage through work.  I opted to contact one of my local travel agents because in my reasoning, hey! you people do this all the time so you should know what you are talking about.    Low and behold, they did!

I was surprised at how affordable it was as well.  For the cost of $41 I am covered for my entire foray outside my province and have piece of mind as well.  I know. I know.  A small thing – but still one less thing I have to worry about.