North and south

Vancouver island is on the west coast of Canada. It is the largest island in a series that covers the coast of British Columbia from the 49th parallel to the border between the provinces and the territories.

The locals have divided the island in two categories there is the north island, and the south island. The dividing line is interpreted to be around the communities of Parksville and Qualicum Beach.

One of the fascinations with Vancouver island is the many different roads and various terrains that are perfect for motorcycle rides.

North island routes have less traffic compared to the south island. The South Island is where the major populations are ie Victoria, Metchosin, Langford, Duncan and Ladysmith.

On this specific Saturday we headed south early in the morning to avoid the traffic. Destination – chemainus, shawnigan lake, kilsole trestle and transfer beach in Ladysmith. .

There are some great little locations on the South Island. My preference is to leave early in the morning to avoid traffic. I hadn’t ridden the Shawnigan Lake route in over 10 years. Gorgeous road with minimal traffic. And the trestle as the end destination

Gorgeous beach but a little too ‘peopley’ for me

Gorgeous beach but a little too ‘peopley’ for me

Obviously someone had a sense of humour. I’m guessing it’s not the dog

Travel safe. Ride well, people.

North Island

One of my very favourite rides is on northern Vancouver Island. Not only does it have the hairpins/twisters/technical corners, but it has stunning scenery and gorgeous little pull out spots when you decided to make a day of it. Rest assured this ride is not for the faint of heart. Best done between the months of mid May to mid September, this is a typical north island ride. Weather is always a factor and should be checked before embarking. And always pack rain gear (if you use it) just to be on the safe side. I have given a bit of a window for riding this road because it is an active industrial road through mountain passes – meaning it’s best to wait until mid May for the first ride because that allowed for the highway to be cleared of all the winter ‘stuff’ that could be found in the corners. That being said, even during the summer – watch for the crap in the corners.

From my location in Port Alberni, Gold River is roughly around 249 km or about 3 hours through towering forests, gorgeous lakes and at least one provincial park.

We left fairly early for a weekday. Kick stands up was 8am for us.

Traveling east on Hwy4, we traveled to Memorial blvd in Qualicum Beach before following along and ending at the old island highway – highway 19a. The old island highway is a great ride when traffic isn’t heavy and runs parallel Hwy 19. Windy, with straight passing lanes, this highway strapless along the waterfront in some sections, through tiny communities like Fanny Bay, Union Bay and Bowser where you can stop for picnic beach side locations or the food truck on the dock at Fanny bay to grab a bite and watch the comings and goings on the dock. We usually stop at Buckley Bay rest stop where there are restroom facilities and shade to park the bikes under.

After a short break, we switched to the Inland Island highway – Hwy19 to make time up to Campbell River.

At Campbell River we turned onto the Gold River Hwy. A favourite stop for us it at the Elk in Strathcona Provincial Park. Time for a butt break and pictures every time.

The Gold River highway is spectacular. Hairpin turns, scenery and a relatively good road now that the mine is shut down and not as much industrial traffic, it is a typical coastal road.

We stopped at some of the landmarks before arriving at the Ridgeway Pub for lunch.

The trip home was a bit faster than the trip there as we took the Inland Island Hwy back.

A good all day trip with fantastic scenery and great roads. ❤️

Let the Game of Barnes begin….

As many of you that have followed this blog on the past might know – i have been a bit absent as of late. More a personal sabbatical. Another one. But during this time – this time – i have been out and about on the bike. And so, in the next few posts i will be bringing you up to date as to some of my adventures. As well, you will find that after much thought and discussion with myself, more selfies will be showing up.

This year has been a better year than last. 2018 saw me taking a long time to recover from abdominal surgery and also from a cracked rib from falling in the bathtub – but I’m back in the game as of now.

This year our riding is going to be taking a more easterly route because we are once again playing the Game of Barnes. Game of Barnes is a scavenger hunt which involved collecting points by completing hunts or – as they call them – missions. These missions are scattered all over western canada and include destinations in the US and Canada, as well as points for showing up in Barnes HD gear in European countries as well.

Each of the missions is completed when you follow the directions of the challenge by taking a picture of yourself at the destination or partaking in certain activities. The photos are then uploaded to the game App and points are earned. The winner with the most points, wins a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle – specifically an Iron 883


So without further adieu: the next few posts will be about us completing some of those missions.

See you on the road!