Since 2020 hasn’t been much of a ride year to date, I decided to revisit some rode events from 2019.

2019 saw me taking part in a local Motorcycle dealerships contest. The contest was to complete a number of challenges and getting points towards the grand prize. Some of the challenges were quite interesting and it took me on roads that I’ve never gone to before. Other challenges have the rider doing fun (aka strange and kooky) things. For example, most cities have fast food places that have drive-thru options. Why not take your motorcycle through the drive-through?

2wheeled drove through. 😁

How many days?

ITs biting at me now. That itch. That time of year where I can’t control my thoughts as they find their way to blogs with pictures of horizons and talk of rides into the sunset. Whatever you talk to motorcycle riders and ask them what motorcycle riding means to them, the response usually is freedom and getting away from it all and stress relief. What I find motorcycle riding means to me is possibilities. The possibilities to do whatever I want wherever I want to do it, as well as even though I might have a ride plan to start off with – the end of the trip might not be what I had planned.

I can feel the itch. I can feel myself starting to get ready and impatient for the riding season to start. I can feel possibilities on the horizon.

And I can’t wait