As some of you know, when not on my bike, I spend a large part of my time carrying an oncall cell phone. This means I don’t do all the riding i want to. It’s hard to answer phones, make notes of the address to dispatch the crews, then dispatch the crews to the address you were supposed to remember… and where was that again?
It’s time for a bit of excitement. For the first time in 17 years, I will be handing off the phone to someone who will be doing all that for me. No more will i have to stay home while others are zooming around. No longer will I have to avoid going out to a venue because ‘in case i get called…..”.

I can honestly say that I think it will take a little bit of adjustment – aka getting used to having a life again.

But seriously I don’t think it will take that long


See you in the wind!!!!

This years addition

Every year I add a little ‘something’ to the saddlebags. Each piece has to fit a certain criteria. It has to be light weight, durable, inexpensive and small enough to fit into a motorcycle saddle bag.
While working up north I stumbled upon the idea of a Bluetooth wireless rechargeable keyboard. I’d heard rumours of such an animal, but never seen one – until I stumbled on one by accident.


Small and portable, this little marvel is a little larger than my 5″ x 9″ journal. It can be charged overnight in a wall socket and stowed in relatively small space. A very reasonable investment of $25 on sale found this little gem in my purse (yes it’s that small!), and an invaluable tool that turns my iPhone into a word processor.