Plans afoot

I have been quiet as of late – quieter than I’ve ever been – because there are plans afoot.

This summer my country (aka Canada if you don’t know) is turning 150.  Not old compared to some countries.  Relatively young actually – but still it’s cause for a celebration.  

For the past few years it has been Hubby’s dream to celebrate Canada’s Birthday on the grounds of our Nations parliament buildings to ring in the 150th.  

There have been logistical issues with timings.  Namely that he is retired and I am not at this point.  That means he has more time that I have in order to ride the 4800+ kilometres from our place to Ottawa.  So plans have been underway for me to ship the Wee Beastie there.  He will be departing on Father’s Day, and taking 10 days to arrive there.  I, on the other hand, will be shipping WB and boarding a plane to arrive on the 28th.  On the 29th i will be picking her up from the motorcycle dealership, getting her road worthy again – then on July 4-5 we are riding back to the west coast of British Columbia.  

A bit of an adventure.  And more than a bit of anxiety entrusting my much loved bike to a shipping company hoping beyond all hope that nothing happens to her on the way.  Nothing will happen I’m sure – it’s just the unknown, ya’ know?  Anyways – that’s why the long silences.  All the energy has been devoted to getting the planning down.  

As it is – the schedule is in place. Payments have been made and we are in the final stages to launch.  

I’m getting excited.

It’s been a while

Wouldn’t you know it?  After long last I’ve finally had a chance to get on the bike. But even now the rides are weather dependant because of snow in the high country.  And it’s May!! Ick

Oh well. I promise I’ll post more frequently – and to tide you over, here’s a photo from last nights short burn. 

It’s always better with friends.