Last years resolution

One of my resolutions from last year was to publish another book. As busy as I have been, I have still had enough time to get the rough draft ready and the final digital edit is going on. With this in mind I wanted to share with you some of the programs that allow people like myself (relatively obscure unknown authors) to publish. – Online program that Kobo uses to put your words in the ebook format and get them out. Interesting concept.

    Lulu is one of the leading self publishing companies. The online program allows you to publish in hardcopy or in ebook format. The added advantage to this program is ~ you can upload your book and for a nominal fee have it listed in for sale! The other added bonus is it runs on a demand print basis. That means you aren’t forced to buy a run of 1000 of your books and try and flog them yourself. Once an order is paid for, the book is printed and a royalty for the printing is placed on your account. The only drawback I’ve found with this system is that you don’t get paid out until your royalties reach a ‘certain’ amount. Blurb is another option for people to look into. A print on demand publish that also allows you to release in ebook formats. This site also allows you to scroll through other peoples books that have been published and buy online. A seriously interesting site that is a must-check-out for aspiring authors.





There you have it folks. Take a look through to see what is available. Just a nudge for those who made a new years resolution to finally get into print but don’t know where to start.

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