Even in the darkest times

Sometimes when I am in the midst of two places I feel so entirely alone. I see pictures of groups of people I know having fun and everyone is there – except me.  There are salutations of friendship and caring for all those present.  Mutterings of ‘friends forever’.  Yet I never heard a whisper of the event or the invitation. 

The majority of us post on social media website about our day, or our feelings or our concerns believing/hoping there is someone out there who cares.  How many people on these sites are we really connected to?  How many of them would really notice is we disappeared from sight?

This past 4 months has been a lesson to me in who really are friends and who will never be. 

Then when I hit the darkest time, for some reason or other a glimmer of light shows up and I am brought back out of the darkness by this thing. 




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