M’s Manifesto

Rule #1 – Be Mindful

At no point should I forget that I am part of the whole. What I think, say or do, effects myself and those around me.  What I do today for someone, effects how they react.  If I am grumpy or angry, how fast will my bad mood transfer to someone I just came into contact with for the first time.


Rule #2 – Be Honest.

Whatever I say about someone should be something  that I have no embarassment to say directly to them. In all the good and ‘constructive ways.”  If I say that I admire someone’s ability to analyze a situation and get to the bottom of things or if I have a difficult time trying to understand their actions or reactions to a certain situation.


Rule #3 – Don’t Gossip

No matter how titilating it is – speaking about people behind their back is destructive and a waste of energy.  Just because I know of one snippet of information does not mean I know the whole story of what/where/how and why.  And even if I did, how constructive is that?  I am also mindful (re: Rule #1) that those people who are so readily ‘sharing the tastey morsels of information’ probably have no qualms about spreading ill-gained gossip about me as well.

No one says it better than Norman Rockwell


Rule #4 – Say Hello to a stranger

I recently moved to a new city.  Every morning on my way to work, I would drive by a man walking along the road. Same route. Same time.  After a few dozen times, I made the effort to wave.  I did it once ~ he looked at me strangely.  I did it a second time ~ he stared after the car.  I did it a third time ~ he kept walking.  Finally after I had lost count of how many times I had waved, just the other day he waved first and smiled.  No strange look.  No suspicious glance.  I realize it is not a verbal “hello”, but every little action has a reaction.



Rule #5 – Learn a new trick

After so many years of wanting to learn an instrument, just 10 minutes a day for a month and I seem to be getting the hang of it.  Yes, it is only a penny whistle, but it is music.  It is small. It is portable. It is inexpensive.  And it makes me happy to try and learn it. Although when I am learning a new song I feel uncomfortable and embarrased because frankly I sound like crap.  But the end results are just for me.



Rule #6 – Enjoy the simple things

I think this says it all Photo courtesay of blog garden


Rule #7 – Do without

Do I really need 17 dresses that I will never, ever wear again?  Instead of buying something that is the fad of the day, I have a few dresses that are “ageless”.  They are in fashion now and will be for the next decade or so.


Rule #8 – The rule of 10 things.

At the same time that I realized I am a collector of ‘things’, not all of them are things I need, I stumbled across an article online about decluttering life. The article talked about The Rule Of 10 Things.  At least once a day/week when you are cleaning up, either concentrate on one room or go from room to room and spread Rule of 10 out.  Find 10 things that you no longer need – that can either be thrown out or passed on to someone else.  Whether that be 10 receipts that you find in a desk drawer or the bottom of a purse.  10 pens that are empty or cluttering up space.  Take those items and deal with them. Do this on a continual basis and after a year you will be surprised on how much you have decluttered your life.  All it takes is a little at a time.

Photo courtesay of Real Feng Shui blog


Rule #9 – Strive to be Happy

Do one thing a day that makes you happy.  Even if it is something as simple as sitting in a quiet cafe having a cup of coffee. Or watching rain on a window pane



Rule #10 – Do something I love

I love riding a motorcycle.  It makes me happy. It destresses me.  I do it for no one else but myself.  The end result is purely a selfish one but it also makes me a better person.






(to be continued…..)

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