The Countdown

On May 21, I’ll be throwing my leg over the bike and taking off on the first road trip of the year. Although in my mind I picture myself just jumping on the bike and going – the reality of the whole thing is setting in. This all came into focus just the other day when I had the stray thought of checking the oil in the bike. And with the help of my husband discovered my errant ways. I was almost out of oil! Crap! So it’s been a few days of checking and rechecking things on the bike. Making notes of what needs to be looked after prior to leaving on the road trip. Minor maintenance that is not a necessity – unless the breakdown happens going through the snow filled mountain passes where there is no cell phone coverage.

So the planning begins. And the journaling for the trip starts.

The open road is calling and I need to go – but first I need to make sure nothing is going to go awry when I do.

I have a son to see and a road to travel.

T minus 14 days and counting down.


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