Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The day started with an early departure from Kamloops at 8:15am. It was grey and cloudy. Definitely not very good riding weather. The weather report continually give us the “doom and gloom” report of thundershowers and deluges. Happily none of that came to pass. The closer we got to Revelstoke the sunnier it got. We stopped for a bit of a break then continued on our way.
The road was clear with reasonably little traffic.
We boarded the galena ferry, and even though it is not set up as a motorcycle priority loading, they were able to squeeze us in alongside in right spaces.


It was a short ride with gorgeous scenery and even though we weren’t supposed to get priority, we were allowed to depart the ferry before any other vehicles. As soon as we were on the ferry it was so hot we ditched our heated vests.
We rolled on the throttle and had virtually no traffic all the way to Nakusp.
The roads are perfectly banked with corners engineered for motorcycles.

We arrived in Nakusp around 1pm with sun and heat on us. Wondering around town was unique. Nakusp is a pretty little town with a gorgeous setting and mountains all around.

Wandering town we found some interesting spots and discovered the very scenic waterfront walkway. The lakes are definitely beautiful.

Later in the afternoon the weather changed and a windstorm kicked up sending clouds of dust everywhere. The predicted thunderstorm did not come to life as predicted, but the windstorm that went through the area caused havoc with the electricity and downed trees took the power out around 5 pm. No supper for us but the son took pity on us and supplied us with granola bars for supper. No power and an early rise meant we hit the sack early by 9pm.

Tomorrow – the hot springs

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