The hotsprings

~ Photo courtesay of

I have discovered another hidden gem int the Monashees.  Nakusp Hotsprings is by far my most favourite hotsprings to date. I’ve gone to others, and enjoyed them, but this one takes the cake.  It might not be for everyone though as it is much less commercial, and not as well attended than the other sites.  Hint hint hint.  The water appears cleaner and less sulferous smelling than other pools and it is a relatively smaller set of pools than Ainsworth per say.

I had my first time visit yesterday and found that it was so very nice to relax in the pool with bearly 15 other people.  Pool noodles allowed me to hook my feet on the edge of the pool, lay back in the water with my head supported and float while watching the stream rise up.  The aerial antics of the resident hummingbirds diving at each other was wonderful to watch.

Today I returned to the hotsprings with my son and husband in the early afternoon to find that for the first hour it was just ourselves and 2 other young men populating the pool.  The sun came out and shone on us.  It was heavenly.  Unfortunately, after floating in the ‘medium’ pool for an hour then sitting in the hot pool for a meer 5 minutes, I was renamed the “bowl of jelly” as I was so relaxed I could not do anything strenuous.

Ahhh.. My kind of vacation!

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