Today – another check mark

Today will be another check mark on the bucket list. Today, seems like a logical choice for ziplining ~ don’t you think? It seems like a good day to suspend myself over a ravine with only a small line to keep me from falling to my impending doom.

I say GO FOR IT..

I’ll keep you posted.



and now for the update:

Lucky for us we had planned to go first thing in the morning for ziplining.  When we got there, we were the only ones for the tour so we had specialized attention by the two guides. At first I was worried that it was going to be too foggy because at this time of the year in the mountains sometimes the coastal fog doesn’t burn off until the early afternoon.



Lucky for us the weather cleared and we were thankful we did not wait until the afternoon because we knew it was going to be sweltering if we left it any later than noon.  Before going out they gave us a bit of a test feel for a cable and how the harness worked. They even made us tip upside down once we were hooked up to the cable to make us feel secure and comfortable.  Too much fun!


Not only did we get a ride in the crummy ( of which my husband always says “Don’t be a dummy – stay in the crummy” whenever he hears that word), but we had a great little hike before going to our first zip line.



The company  did an excellent job and it was a real rush.  A bit pricey – or so I thought at the beginning, but well worth every penny of it.  DSCF0097

to sum it up…. I wanna go again



and again


and again


and again



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