The third weekend in September….

.. is by far my favourite of all the year.

Yes I confess it before all. Port Alberni Toy Run weekend is by far my most favourite. Even over Christmas, New Years, Easter and all the rest. Port Alberni is a special kind of place that is fondly nicknamed “City with a Heart” and the Toy Run brings that to the forefront. All proceeds from the Toy Run go to childrens issues as well as community programs for kids in the community. This does not even include the over 2000 toys that are collected every year destined for children’s hospitals and earmarked to end up under Christmas trees every year.

I say Port Alberni Toy Run is special, and meant it. The city rolled out the red carpet for all the bikers involved. Over 1500 roll in the Toy Run and it is growing every year. Not only does it roll out the red carpet, but it closes its streets, and people line these streets to cheer the bikers on as they roll through town to their final destination of Glenwood Centre to take part in the biker games, salmon BBQ, evening dance and the Sunday morning Poker Run.

This year, as in the past 10 years, I’ll be taking part in the run. Nothing is as thrilling or powerful as riding in a pack of bikes that is so long it disappears into the horizon in front of you and into the edges of your rear view mirror behind you.

Here are some links for you to enjoy while new links are made on this day: This last one is the most informative

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