Music of the Road

Every year I put together a soundtrack so that when I am riding, I have something to listen to when I park the bike for the night and want to just take a moment to relax and unwind.  This year is a bit different though. This year with having a wonderful deal of a bike fall into my lap, I now have a stereo on the bike.  Which brings me to a bit of a fork in the road.  I’ve always avoided playing music while riding because I’ve observed that some people are very much affected by the music they listen to. It always affects their riding.  When they should be taking their time and paying attention to the changing conditions, they are speeding up because of the temp of the music.  But then there are others who say they wondered why it took them so long to get a stereo on their bike.

Either way – I guess I’m asking for some suggestions as to what kind of music I should be loading on my “Road Tunes” Ipod selection.

Any imput from out there would be well received!

Sometimes thunderheads seem to grow before  your eyes

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