The 30 day blogging challenge – day 1

30-day-blogging-challengeDay 1 – My blog’s name.

My blog’s name is Two Wheeled Life.  Why? Because I am a motorcycle enthusiast.  I love to ride.  When I’m riding, I’m happy. When I’m not riding, I dream about riding.  Pretty sick really. In a way it almost feels like an addiction.  I think the main reason why I love riding so much is that it gives me the opportunity to see things.  I mean really see things.  To be riding on a sweltering hot day and come around a corner to find a tree covered lane that is beautiful and tranquil and begs to be visited.

A wise person once said “Life is a movie.  When you drive a car you watch the movie.  When you ride a bike, you’re in the movie.”

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