30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – This is the day I guess I have to reveal a bit about myself.  Today is the day I reveal 20 facts about me.

1 – I’m short:  Or as some people would say I’m vertically challenged.  In essence, I’m 5′ 2″.  It doesn’t bother me that I’m this short.  Nor is it a surprise, so when people I know blithely decide it’s time to inform me that I’m short – don’t get upset when I don’t act surprised.

2 – I love living on the coast.  I grew up in a landlocked part of the country.  Although I liked it, as was the case, I did not know any different.  I had lived on the prairies all my life.  It was my first trip to BC when I was in grade 9 when I realized that I loved the mountains and the green towering forests.  Then later in life after I got married and my husband moved me to a small coastal town that I realized – I loved the ocean.  I mean, I really love the ocean.  I could spend every day at the shoreline and never get bored.  Ever.

3 – I’m married.  ‘Nuff said

4 – I am the youngest of 4 siblings

5 – I am over 50.  Does that make me crotchety?  😉

6 – I have a dog.  He is a fluffy, cute, adorable, braty American Eskimo breed of dog.

7 – I love cats but am terribly allergic to them.

8 – In the last year I stopped drinking coffee and tea. I drink mostly water.

9 – In the last year I started adjusting my diet and now find that I eat mostly vegetarian meals.

10 – I’m competitive.  Then again – I’m the youngest of 4.  That one is a bit of a no-brainer.

11 – I dye my hair.  I went prematurely grey due to stress after my youngest son died.

12 – I work as a mortician.

13 – I try and listen to all sides of ‘the story’ before I make a decision.

14 – I want to one day become a professional writer and make a living writing.

15 – I have 3 books that I’m currently working on that are in one form or another – in stasis.  The lil buggers do not seem to want to cooperate

16 – Although I like people, I’m at my happiest when I’m quiet and alone.

17 – I am my own worst critic.

18 – I have a stationary fettish.  For some women it’s shoes or purses or clothes.  For me, nothing makes my heart go pitter-pat faster and heavier than sticky notes ..and pens… and paperclips….and alligator clips….

19 – I try and learn at least one thing new every day.  My grandmother always used to say: “Take a course. Read a book.  Learn something every day and you’ll never get old.”

20 – I really don’t like poetry.

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