February stands for – “oh we are getting there!”


Like the title says – February stands for “Oh! We are getting there!”  Getting where you ask?  Why, closer – will be my reply.  Closer to ride season.  Closer to summer.  Closer to the days of heat and roads and exploring and adventuring and discovering new horizons.  Yes, I’m a bit of a motorcycle freak.  And when the sun starts rising earlier and setting later, I feel the urge to pull out the maps to see what adventures I’m going to take this summer.

Every year, regardless of the time of year I stockpile little ‘tidbits’.  Tidbits being little snippets of information or even rumours about places that might be interesting or peculiar.  A few years ago I made the trek with my friend Jenn to a Buddhist temple in Errington, no less.  On another location I found myself, along with Jill, foraying out until we found the Beaufort Winery just north of Comox, BC and ended up sitting on the lawn overlooking the vineyard and the gorgeous view of the Beaufort Range.

Just two of some of my adventures.  And this year will be no exception.  So this is the time when the map comes out and I start making my list of where I’d like to go.  This year I’ve gotten wind of a place down Island where they hold a Turkish Tea ceremony – and I love sampling teas.  There is also a distillery on the lower part of the island that I’d like to discover.  (If you are making notes – most of the places I go tend go circle around food and drink.)

I do have my favourites; like Coastal Black winery in Black Creek, BC whose spiced mead I absolutely love, or Mooberry Winery in Parksville, BC.  Usually these trips involve me and my motorcycle – but for clarification, I never drink and ride. These trips are usually to replenish my stock = oh and did I mention that some of these places have the most magnificent foods?  Coastal Black has a patio with a luncheon menu that is beyond wonderful, and the homemade cheeses and foodstuffs in Mooberry are scrumptious as well.  There is also the Saltspring Island Farmers Market where you can find melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles, artists, vendors and a relaxed place to watch the water.

But I digress.  This year is going to be dedicated to some of rumours I have heard about new places.  Like the Turkish tea ceremony I heard takes place down island somewhere, or an early morning breakfast run to ……  we aren’t sure yet.  Because life is about the exploring. The wonderful vistas and scenery.  The sweep of pavement and seaside beaches.  The smell of salt in the air and picnics in the saddlebags.

I can say with a great deal of enthusiasm – I feel a wonderful season coming on.

2 thoughts on “February stands for – “oh we are getting there!”

  1. Sounds like a blast! I bet doing a motorcycle trip would be a ton of fun and very freeing! I too am so ready for those longer days and adventures to come in summer! Have fun planning your trips! Cheers!


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