30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 10


Day 10 – Best Trip of My Life.

I would have to say the best trip of my life was the trip my husband and I went on in the summer of 2010.  We jumped on the bikes and headed to Manitoba to meet my sister in Winnipeg.  We took our time, meandered some of the small back roads.  We visited places like Princeton BC, then Castlegar, Frank Slide on the lower part of the Alberta border and rode through rolling hills cut with coulees.  Stopping in Fort Macleod, we avoided a barrage of rain driven by winds – prairie storms are so cool – then pulled into the small town of Coaldale for breakfast after making an attempt at stopping in Lethbridge.  Wow, we found it the most user unfriendly and confusing city.  We tried to find something on the road then we turned off following the signs, ended up in the city centre, got frustrated because it was a sunday morning and there was no place to eat –  so Coaldale it was.  We saw antelope and red tail hawks, dinosaurs and memorials to towns that didn’t exist anymore.  Trains, oil rigs and gas wells.  Rain and wind and semis until we reached Winnipeg.   While my husband went on a ride, my sister and I toured around and visited some of the houses where we used to live.  After we finished up our visit there, my husband and I  jumped on the bikes, and road north to a motorcycle rally in Prince George, BC.

Loved every minute of it – wished it never ended.

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