Confused…. a little help here?

So – I’m a tad confused.  Actually more than a tad.  I’m really confused.  And what am I confused about, you might ask?  I’m confused about seniors.  More specifically when you are trying to make an appointment or trying to meet up with a senior.  I’ll give you an example.

Quite recently I’ve noticed a growing trend.  When trying to make an appointment with a person of advanced age it tends to be a bit tricky.  Why you might ask again?  Because when trying to make an appointment, it sounds something like this:

Me: So would 3 oclock on Tuesday sound acceptable?

Them: Well I have a hair appointment.

Me: And what time is your hair appointment?

Them: 11am. on Monday

Me: So would you rather maybe 4pm on the Tuesday?

Them: No 3pm is fine.

Me: Well as long as you think you’ll have enough time to make it. (trying to infect a bit of humour into the situation)

Them: I think so.  But I have a dentist appointment.

Me: And when is your appointment?

Them: 2pm.

Me: Oh!  Maybe you won’t have time.

Them:  No! No! I’ll have time.  My dentist appointment is on Wednesday.


At that point I’m totally lost.  WTH?   I’m just not getting it.  Am I the only one that gets confused with this kind of conversation?



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