30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 14

3 Healthy Habits

After living away from home for a total of 15 months I discovered a number of things.  Firstly is that my sleeping habits changed.  I slept deeper but woke up more readily.  In other words every time I heard a noise, I’d wake up – but when I fell asleep I would conk out faster.

Secondly, for some reason I lost the urge to drink any kind of caffeinated drink at all.  Pop seemed to turn sickly sweet in my mouth, and coffee and tea left what felt like a gritty feel on my tongue.  Strange, huh?  So I started drinking more water, fruit juices, or just plain hot water.  Sigh.  How boring.  But hey, I never said I was normal.

Thirdly, spending time outside.  Canadians are well known for being vitamin D deficient in the winter months.  Regardless of where you live, either in the bitter cold or in the cloudy wet rain, it makes for tough times to get that ol’ sun to seep into your bones in the winter.  so I started spending more time outside.  I read a report that states “15 minutes a day ..” give you the required amount – longer in the winter months.  Tough to do but I try.




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