The Great American Trek now a DOCUMENTARY!

Now THIS would truly be an adventure!

Great American Trek

I have the greatest pleasure to announce that the trip will now be filmed and professionally produced as a documentary! This is with all thanks to Sandra Vieira, the owner and manager ofrundontwalk productions, who approached us to be our biggest sponsor. Behold the power of like-minded, awesome people!

So as you can imagine this has stepped the trip up into a far higher gear than it was already in. With sponsors rolling in, new offers every day, a rapidly expanding support base and plenty offers of accommodation and ride-alongs for the trip, we are feeling more hopeful than ever. This allows us to provide much more coverage and exposure for our charities as well as our sponsors. With the help, skills and know-how of Sandra and rundontwalk productions we are able to make the trip bigger than ever. With the added help of BreakDLaw, the documentary…

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