30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 16


Thoughts on Education

I have many thoughts on education. Not all of them politically correct. Keep in mind my thoughts are mine. It’s called my opinion – based on my experiences.
I think that children and adults have the right to a free education. That means everyone regardless of race or colour or creed. Pretty easy to say in the country I live in.

The other thing is that I think that children should have the right to learn at their own pace. And that the information should be delivered in a manner in real life examples so children actually get the idea of why they are learning it. Keep the doors open – so to speak and you won’t have all these kids trying to upgrade after they’ve finished grade school because they didn’t get why they had to learn some of the stuff in the first place. Like Why Geometry? Well, boys and girls, because if you take geometry now, if you decide later on in life to become a road engineer you have to figure out the amount of incline that the vehicles have to drive on and whether it’s plausible or not. Or Why Advanced Math? Because you need to know how to count and not let the cash register tell you what needs to be given out.

I am also going to make a very politically incorrect statement. Some children just don’t learn in the classic classroom environment. In fact all they do is upset and distract other children when they are trying to learn. If these children can’t learn that way – why try and make them? or penalize those children that can? Do I have solution? No. But there has to be one out there.

I also think we shouldn’t try and reinvent the wheel. There are so many different models of education that work effectively in other places. Why not look at the existing models that are successful and either copy them or take that basic framework and tweek it to make it work for our children?

And finally – if a child doesn’t want to learn, DON’T make them. I believe that all children and yes, even adults should have access to free education, but if they don’t want to learn that is their choice and they are responsible for their own choices. If they don’t want to learn – then leave so that those who do have a fair chance at getting the knowledge and information they need.

– one more thing: Don’t instantly blame the teacher if your precious little angel doesn’t pass. If he or she doesn’t know the stuff, then they don’t move forward. It’s that simple.


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