30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 20

What makes you happy?

argh!! really?  These are hard ones!   Gak!

I guess these are easy and hard at the same time.  Easy because the visuals are quick and standard. Then the overlays come in.  Like the first visual I get is sitting in the sand on a warm day overlooking the ocean with a motorcycle (you had to know one would show up there) then the minds-eye zooms back and the people come into play.  Sometimes the ‘peripheral’ people change, but the others like my husband and son are always there. It sounds corny but when they are there – I’m happy.

Another visual is a sleepy sunday afternoon in the summer on the front porch with a book and no where else I have to be.

In fact the best motorcycle ride I ever went on was the year where all three of us went into a fund raiser ride.  Each on our own bike.  But to see what a truly good man my son was becoming made me proud. \

I have to go now.. I have something in my eye.. making it leak…


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