My dream garage

Just recently a blog I was following of a fellow blogger from Australia plucked a cord with me.  The question is: what is your dream garage?

So I thought I’d share that with you..

Just as a bit of an insight, I am a short woman.  In fact, some people would say that I’m really short.  I am only 5′ 2″.  That actually does rule out a few bikes for me.

I have sat on and tried a couple of bikes.  One, I absolutely fell in love with.


Victory – High Ball.

There is something about this bike that just gets me all hot and bothered. Is it the ape-hangers? Is it the matte black paint? Or is it just the raked out front and a bad assed look with attitude? I’m not sure. But this one was one of my top picks. If I won the lottery, I’d build a bigger garage so I could make room for one of these. This woman is in love. And I mean love with a capital L.

2010, MODEL,

Harley – Fat Boy low

This one is a no brainer.  Not only is it a frame and saddle height that is conducive to me being able to ride it – it is much more rider friendly for the type of riding I do.  I love long distances.  And sometimes when I’m in the mood, I’ll stay in the saddle for 571 miles or +900 km when I have a deadline.



Yamaha Vstar 650

A great intown bike and one that takes  beating.  Wind ‘er out and she’ll take all of it.  A good all around bike that is cheap to run with older technology.  Good if you break down in the middle of nowhere.  Simplistic. Forgiving.  And an all around work horse.  I’ll always love my vstar even though I don’t have her anymore

And at this point I look at my dream garage and see that my 2009 Ultra Glide Classic with all its shine and chrome is the antithesis of my dream bikes. How does this happen you ask?  One of these days when you come my way, we’ll sit around the campfire in my backyard and I’ll spin you a yard on how a woman who vowed to never ride a Harley or a bike with massive amounts of chrome ended up with one parked in her garage.

Come visit me and I’ll wax you a yarn

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