Challenges, challenges and more challenges.

A while ago I took part in the 30 day blog challenge, which was interesting and intimidating. It had me extending out of my shell and yes, revealing some personal things. I have always tried to avoid doing that because of some of my past. Then I came to a revolation – that my fear and my past was actually holding me hostage to a degree. Yes, when an incident which puts you in danger and the fear of being hurt it makes you far more sensitive – and even fearful – that this incident could come back into the picture again if you reveal too much. And yes, a woman has to protect herself as much as she can. Then I realized that my fear was overwhelming and keeping me ‘small’, keeping me wrapped up tight in fear of extending myself and being exposed.

I guess it’s time to take on another challenge though. And this time whole heartedly. So for the next month – my challenge will be to take one picture a day and write about it.

… so if you dont’ want to be receiving so many email notifications that I’ve posted stuff – you might want to turn off your email notifications.

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