Why do we do it?

Why do we do it? What’s in it for us? Where do we get the drive to do what we do?

Although these questions could be attributed to many things – riding motorbikes, painting, writing, or even working at a job we love – I think today I’m going to level it at bloggers.

Why do we blog? Why do we sit down at intervals and pour ourselves out onto a page never knowing where this is going or who will read it – or if anyone will read it, for that matter?

Who blogs? Is it artists? Or writers? The housewife down the street? Grandmothers? Depressed teens?

y=You may ask yourself why I’m asking these questions. I’m asking these questions because while watching a movie that I’d been longing to see in its entirety (Julie and Julia – yes, I do watch chick-flicks) that question was part of the movie. Why do we blog? Why do we feel the need to sit at our keyboards and scatter our thoughts into the abyss? Is it because we are hoping that, like little seeds from a fluffy dandelion, that as we blow on those seeds and send them off into the world that they might, hopefully, find somewhere to land and take root? In like minded soil with like minded thinkers. Are we looking for far away friends?

So I’m going to ask YOU my readers……….What do YOU think?

why do we blog?


  1. I think there is a writer in everyone. Good or bad we like to express our views and share our stories, perhaps to inspire others. I started because of a dare… and I’ve come to enjoy writing (poorly) and reading the thoughts of others.


  2. I started blogging as a way to group all of the research I did for accessories and put them in to one spot, in hopes that it would help other V-Strom riders! Since selling my motorcycle, I blog to stay connected to a world that I so dearly miss.


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