Adding pieces

The one thing about having a new motorcycle is that it takes some time to get the new bike “just right”. Just like the old bike.

With the purchase of my new bike comes the process of getting all the things needed. One of these things are engine guard chaps. With a big cruiser, engine guard chaps prolong the ride season and protect your legs and feet during the “monsoon” season.

I have a vision in my head what the bike should look like. Now it will just take time and $ to do that. Being that I now own a “Harley” (something I vowed I would never-ever-never-f’ing-ever do) I have come to understand that Harley stands for hundred dollar-hundred dollar because everything that has Harley on it seems to cost one hunnerd dollar.

Please keep in mind that none of my customizing involves putting skulls on my bike.  I feel the need to say this because most of the people I ride with try and ‘skull’ their bikes.  Although that is great for some people. It’s not for everyone.  My classic response to anyone who says “why don’t you put skulls on your bike?”  is always “On any normal bike for any normal rider, skulls look good.  But if I put skulls on my bike – that’s just damn creepy!” ( For those of you who don’t know – in my spare time when not on the bike, I’m an undertaker/mortician. )

That being said I was able to order a set of customized engine guard chaps with made to order stitching for a relatively inexpensive price courtesy of a company called Sagebrush Designs. Great to deal with. Fast service. I’m very happy with the end result.

My husband has also ordered 2 pairs from Sagebrush and we are really impressed with the quality, price and professionalism. (Okay. I know it’s a blatant plug but when a company treats me well, I like to see them get credit. )

Without further adieu ~ the chaps



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