A gem in the saddlebags.

Quite recently a conversation came up about cameras and their use in recording trips. After a few trips of either The Man OR myself in a picture, I invested in a tripod. A little thing that allowed me to mount my camera on the handle bars or to prop up on a flat surface (or hang off pretty much anything it could wrap its little legs around). A great investment for $30 that had the added feature of the screw mount having the ability for quick release if you wanted the camera removed at a moments notice. Awesome piece with very little room needed.



The second tripod I keep in my saddlebags is one that allows pictures to be taken with the use of the timer mode of the camera without the need for something talk to prop it on. For the bargain investment of $35 this optex takes up very little room in the bags. It folds down into a meagre 13″. The other wonderful thing is that it’s sturdy, has 8 telescoping levels and can extend up to its full size of around 4 ft tall. Lightweight it adds almost nothing to the overall pack.




There you have it. Two affordable options that enhance any travel vista

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