A horrible revelation

I’ve some to a horrible realization lately.

I’m 50…

actually.. I’m over 50!!  How the hell did that happen?  Where the hell did the time come from?  When did this happen?  Holy crap!  I’m getting old… really I am. I can’t believe it.


More than anything it means that my list of all the things I’ve wanted to do – my bucket list – is on a major deadline.  I think the other thing that is looming is that I find at this stage of my life there seems to be more funerals than weddings.  And births.  Is this what old age means?


On the two wheeled front, the weather has been phenomenal here.  In the 30’s (in the late 90’s and mid 90’s for all you farenheiters out there).  Clear and hot.  With not a cloud in the sky.  That’s the good side.  The bad side ~ I’ve been on call so I haven’t been able to enjoy it like I’ve wanted to.  *sigh*  But in less then 24 hours I will be ‘pitching the pager’ into the office and jumping on the bike.


sooooooooooooon….. sooooooooooooonnnnnn


hudson hope


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