Last night was a club ride night. Wednesday nights are the new night to ride – so we ride. And yesterday was one of those days when the only fitting finish to the day, which was hot and sweltering in the city, is to get on the bike and go for a burn to cool off.

We turned West on the hwy 4, traveling to a little pullout called Wally Creek. This is a spot that locals know about and tourists as they are traveling to Tofino/Ucluelet blast by before realizing what a treasure it is. This value of this place is that it runs along the river, cool and crisp in the summer, frigid, fast and unforgiving in the winter. I want to stress the cool and crisp because on hot sweltering days, there are pools above some of the falls where locals jump in and have a swim. It’s perfect.

Last night was a bit of an exception though. Last night on the ride, two different headlights showed up in my rear view mirror. They kept pace with us all the way to the pullout and pulled in behind us.

They turned out to be the headlights of two young men who, decided at the last minute to travel from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, all the way to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Then to head north and go up to Whitehorse before turning back west again – and do the trip in 3 weeks.

They were a kickstart. Not only were they so enthusiastic about EVERYTHING, but they obviously loved traveling on the bikes. Once we pulled over and parked, they immediately came over and started asking questions – telling us about their adventures – telling us about what they hoped to see once they hit the road again north in the morning – how their families disapproved – how their friends were supportive – how their Facebook posts were greeted and cheered on by their peers. It all came out. They were so full of joy and a thirst to experience everything it was like a tonic. After they had told us all about their travels in Jasper and lake Louise and all points in between, they became mighty excited once they saw some of the locals jumping from the rocks into the creek to cool off.

“I wanna do that! Oh! I’m so gonna do that!” Was all it took one of them to say before jumping behind the cement highway guard to change into swimming shorts and heading down the rocks. The second one was right behind him.

They were wonderful. Fearless. And invigorating. It was like a kickstart to me.  Yes, this is a wonderful place we ride in.  Enjoy every moment of every day…. even the trying ones.

I wish these two wonderful young men the best of luck. I regretted not getting their names. It would have been wonderful to follow along on their adventures.




4 thoughts on “Kickstart

  1. What a great evening! And i’ll bet that in the same way that those two men inspired your group, that inspiration was returned. I’m sure they are talking about the cool group they got to ride with!
    I’m on my trip through Kentucky… day 2 of 4 (much too short this year, but hey, I’m just glad to be riding and proving that a bad wreck won’t keep me down).


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