Motorcycle gear for women

I know I know. I try not to sound like a whiney female – but I’m going to regress. I’ll be honest I HATE pink. And I really am not thrilled with purple either. But dammit! It seems like the only colours that women have to choose from are black, pink and purple. As well, safety has to be sacrificed for style. Although Harley seems to be ( in my opinion) heads and tails over most manufacturers when it comes to women’s gear, I still feel that there is a disconnect with most gear manufacturers and the want of women audiences

Don’t get me wrong- I love Harley gear. I ride a 2009 Harley Electra glide classic. I DONT like being a walking billboard for a motorcycle brand though. I used to ride a 2008 Yamaha 650. And could ride that thing more aggressively and better than some men would ride bigger “badder” machines. But because Harley had the best fitting gear for a 5′ 2″ 50+ hard riding woman, who has had two children (in other words my shirt doesn’t hang 7 inches in front of my stomachs) who wants gear with style, fit, and SAFETY features.

To sum it up. I love to ride. I love to ride hard. I rode from Manitoba to Vancouver Island in less than 80 hours on a 650 cc bike. But I want to ride comfortably, with safety gear and with style unless that is asking too much?

the state of women’s gear

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