The Race for the Electric

It seems everywhere I turn these days, on every magazine, website, and dealers page, “Electric Motorcycle” is the buzzword of the industry.

It has almost become its own saga. Every major bike manufacturer appear to have their own ideas of what the specifications are and driven by the idea what the consumers want and that consumers are environmentally conscious, the ideas are fast and furious.

I understand this technology is in its infancy, and that manufacturers are still working out bugs – but when it comes down to it, if I can only go 70 km before having to plug it in for 8 hours to recharge it, as far as I am concerned no matter what kind of price tag you have on it, it will never be low enough.

Some manufacturers have coined the term “mileage angst”. It has nothing to do with angst and everything to do with practicality. I understand that manufacturers are targeting the commuter market in north america because , in my opinion, we are so far behind the times when it comes to affordability and mobility its ridiculous.

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