Arriving in Ushuaia, Argentina – the turning point

Sturgis Chick

Getting closer to Ushuaia…..

In the last half hour before we arrive, we pass a couple of ski lifts and ride through two large culverts (big enough for trucks and normal traffic) that run under the ski runs. On my left I see a Husky farm where dozens of dogs and dog houses wait for winter snows to return the dogs to their running the trails.

A few miles before town I pull over and mount and start my GoPro, hoping to preserve some memories of this incredible moment. It’s not so much the crossing into Ushuaia itself, it’s what it means to have come this far, and to have experienced all of what we have been through to get here. We have ridden a lot of miles, covered two nearly continents, and it’s taken more than a year and a half to get here. We have ridden over and…

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