Road Tunes

its that time of year again for those of us who take to two wheels in North America.  And with that I start looking at my play list for road trips. There are the standars (born to be wild – steppe wolf, highway to hell – ACDC, dead or alive -Bon jovi etc) Anyone out there have any other  suggestions?

Would love to hear from all of you – even the Europeans and Aussies! Call it broadening my horizons. *wink*

2 thoughts on “Road Tunes

  1. Depends on what you’re into… lets see…. let me have a crack

    Let the day begin – BRMC
    Hate the taste – BRMC
    Take the long line – The Angels (aussie)
    Am I ever gonna see your face again -The Angels (aussie)
    Bow river – Cold Chisel (aussie)
    Cheap Wine – Cold Chisel (aussie)
    Jail Break – Thin Lizzy
    Boys are back in town – Thin Lizzy
    Janies Got  a gun – Areosmith
    Walk this way – Areosmith
    Born to run – Springsteen
    Clocks – Coldplay
    I aont gpnna eat out my heart – Divinyls (aussie)
    I’ll make ypu happy – divinyls (aussie)
    – Any divinyls really –
    Bad to the bone – George thorogood
    Chemical heart – grinspoon (aussie)
    Original sin -INXS (aussie)
    Great souther land – icehouse (aussie)
    Running on empty – jackson brown
    Walkin on the sun – smashmouth
    The grange – Zz top
    Bad boy – Rose Tattoo (aussie)
    We can’t be beaten – Rose tattoo (aussie)
    King of the mountain – midnight oil (aussie)
    Power and the passion -midnight oil
    Sounds of then – Ganggajang (aussie)
    Run to paradise – choirboys (aussie)

    Well, you asked for some Aussie input… youtube has a lot of others too if you’re keen

    Thanks for the memories. I’ll stop now 🙂


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