9 items to check on your motorcycle for spring



Why nine…because everyone does ten and eleven is too many!

With that said, spring is around the corner, the weathermen are not predicting any more snow (LOL) and your motorcycle is calling you from the garage. BUT before you hit the road you should perform a few tasks to make sure you are safe and the bike does not suffer.

I am going to avoid some of the more obvious stuff like T-CLOCS and try to hit the things you might have overlooked or not thought about.

  1. Check your gear – Your riding gear has been setting around as long as your bike. It might have been stuffed in your saddleback for months. Get your gear out and clean it up. Run it through the wash or clean it by hand. Apply water repellant or waterproofing after you have cleaned your gear for a little more protection, unless a rain…

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