Packing again

Every year hubby and I plan a trip for our vacation. This year for 2015 we’re going to be doing a 2 1/2 week bike trip. Now, the reason why this trip is a bit different from the others is because we will be spending 2 1/2 weeks in anticipated hot weather.  I know some of my followers spend a lot of their riding time in hot weather for extended periods of time – especially those from ‘Down ‘Under’, So I’m asking my followers of this blog to please give me some suggestions/pointers/tricks/tips on riding for long periods of time in 44 Celsius (100 degrees) weather.  Edit

4 thoughts on “Packing again

  1. I’m in Newfoundland so I have no business giving advice about hot weather riding, but the first thing that comes to my mind is don’t even bother taking any clothing that isn’t made from a technical fabric. Way more comfortable, easy to pack and dries so quickly.

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    1. and always remember your sunscreen, your face will really need it inside the helmet, and remember your neck too if it is not covered by a bandana or scarf. Don’t do too long stretches at a time. Rest often, not good to pass out because of the heat…


  2. If you’re doing lots of miles between towns use a camel back full of ice. As the ice melts you get cold water for longer than you would if you filled it with straight chilled water.. which will get hot very quickly.
    And sunscreen on you face nose and wrists (assuming you were long sleeves)

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