Day one

July 29, 2015Collar sleeve coupling is shot. As we discovered at 10pm last night. At first it was just a drip, then it was a deluge of gas pouring out.   
Called Wayne. He couldn’t help. He recommended a mechanic from beaver creek but He didn’t get back to me until we were at the ferry terminal. So we are now two up on Dans. No extra room and we made the decision to leave the sleeping bags and tent behind – as well as all sorts of other things.   Not happy

Started off at 8am. Dropped the phone off at work after being on call all night. Headed for the ferry. 10:15 at duke point. 
Was supposed to meet Richard at noon. Gonna be late because ferry doesn’t get in until 12:30. The luck continues. Going to wait until around chilliwack to fill up

Hot and sunny so far. Which is good because we don’t have any extra room for cold weather or rain gear. 

 How do people travel two up?

We stopped at the pull-up just off the ferry and the duke point to Tsawassen run. Picked up Richard, and then made the run to Hope. We had to stop once because Richards load kept shifting but he rectify that before we continued on by borrowing a spare cargo netting, and some bungee cords. 
We got to Hope, Fueled up and then went to the home restaurant for lunch. From there we took the CoquiHalla to Kamloops and made a run into the Harley dealership here in Kamloops. On the CoquiHalla we passed an accident where it looked like a truck lost its trailer down the bank. The truck and trailer frame was on the highway with, what looked like the camper part down the bank. Good reminder how dangerous it is on this road. 

The Harley dealership didn’t close till six and luckily we got there at 5:30. I talked with gentleman about a heritage soft tail. When we left at 6 o’clock which was the closing time they had approved my financing, and so tomorrow morning at 9:30 we go back to the Harley dealership, Get a reach seat put on, extension on the kickstand, and get the handlebars moved back to 2 inches.

Went to On The Rocks pub and had supper.  

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