Day 2 – Kamloops to Nakusp, BC

July 30, 2015

Had breakfast at the hotel at 7:30 AM. The wonderful thing about some hotels is that they provide a continental breakfast and Days Inn in Kamloops is no exception.  Although sometimes it can be sparse and limited – it’s better than starving until we get to a place where food is substantial. On the other hand, we find that the Days Inn gives quite a bit of selection and variety. It was a bit of a late start for us as well because of us waiting for the dealership to open at 9 – 9:30. I was a bit excited though so we got to the Harley dealership at 9am.

Kickstand installed. Reach seat. And a new heritage soft tail 2012 was mine. Yup. One bike breaks down so I bought another one.


We stayed in Kamloops for lunch and then a long grind to Nakusp for dinner at 8pm. Our ride companion (now dubbed RC) is definitely slower than we are. And doesn’t have saddle calluses yet. RC will have to develop them  soon though because the days are just going to start getting longer in the saddle.

Traveling the roads here is fantastic.  Twistees.  Hairpins and good road surfaces.  I’d have to say that the road engineer was a motorcycle rider because the corners are banked perfectly!  Just outside of nakusp we got stuck in a line up and although we thought it was construction, it but soon a rumour came down the line of traffic that tis was an accident that was waiting for a medevac.  Turns out, actually  it was not an accident. More like – saw someone being switched by stretcher from ambulance to waiting chopper before air ambulance taking off.

Took the ferry across the lake and arrived in nakusp to stay at the Selkirk Inn for the evening.

Saw our son for supper. Mmmm.. Three Lions in Nakusp.  Mini Yorkshire puddings stuffed with mashed potatoes and roast beef.  Need I say more?

Have made a startling discovery though – this is the longest trip RC has ever done.  He’s never gone on more than an overnighter before.  I’m beginning to be frightened

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