Day 3 


 July 31, 2015

7am at the bikes with breakfast at the rotor lodge with will and RC and dan

We headed out highway 3 to creston for lunch then headed to cranbrook for the night. Our bikes ran well but RCs bike developed problems and had to pull over to the side a couple of times.   

At one point we had to stop for a bit because we suspected that his clutch was gone because he couldn’t get into 5th gear. We pulled into cranbrook and checked into our hotel. It said it was a biker friendly place – and it was!   
While checking in, RC was able to get the name of a mechanic able to help and they even stayed open after hours They discovered that it was a plugged fuel filter which they changed.  
While he was getting his bike looked at, Dan and I ran down to the Walmart and purchased a tent a double sleeping bag and air mattress, as well as a tent. We also purchased some bungee cords, and a cargo net.
We also went to supper at the windy May may Chinese restaurant with a smorg. When we got back to the hotel RC had just arrived back. He was very happy that his bike is now fixed.
After eating we ended up poolside to relax. And to drink the beer we received when we checked in! Love this place!

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