Day 4 – Cranbrook to Missoula


Day 4, 2015

Cranbrook to Missoula, MN.

Had breakfast at the Denny’s, gassed up at the gas station then hit the road. RC’s bike is running better but he has been warned that next time his bike acts funny he will need to replace the fuel pump. He is fully loaded down with gear though and his bike is labouring hard. Crossed the line into the US with no problems save for the fact that I was wearing earplugs so had to resort to lip reading until the border guard spoke up.

Riding along the highway I looked down and noticed a red light on the gauge of my bike was on. Didn’t know what it meant to made a mental note (sure to be forgotten once we stop for the evening) to check the owners manual as to what this means.

It started to heat up so we pulled in at Jaffrey to switch out the liners and heavier gloves to the lighter wieght gear. Red light was flashing intermittantly, and only seems to do that when the engine is lugging. Due to the difference in bike cc’s and because RC experienced problems the day before, we put him in between the two of us. Hubby riding point, him in the middle and me riding sweep in case he has to stop. We continued riding and pulled in at Lakeview MN for lunch. What a wonderful little restaurent. Lots to look at all over the walls. Really down home and friendly wait staff. We ordered the Indian Taco for lunch and were really pleased with it. RC chose to make a big deal of what could be gluten free on the menu then proceeded to launch into a lecture on cross contamination to the waitress who took our order. Embarassing to say the least.

After witnessing his riding skills for the better part of the morning I ask the question – “So, how many long road trips have you taken?” The response was less than confidence building. He has only ever done one overnighter along with one other mini day trip. I’m scared now. He has no idea about long road trips. Up to this point he has borrowed all our spare bungy cords and cargo netting to secure his gear on his bike. He even borrowed hubbies clip on sun glasses because the sun is giving him a headache.

I’m getting the sneaking feeling that this trip is doomed.

On the up-side, Montana is gorgeous! Rolling hills and woodlands. Sweeping plains and vistas to knock your socks clean off. Rode past a Buffalo park and saw some of the fuzzy beasts grazing. Forgot how big they actually were.  Then in Poulson, Montana I saw a curious sight. An amphibian craft that I later discovered was called the Happy Hippo. It did definitely catch my eye.

I have become convinced the bikers from Sturgis are going to eat RC alive. Not only is he becoming a persistent prescience to the point of not being able to have a moments peace, but he is starting to tuck his pants into his boots. Not sure way.

Hubby has almost been taking out by three deer on two separate occasions plus a hawk. Then the ground squirrel. Ha! I love not being lead bike!

Got to the hotel in Missoula and made use of their laundry facilities. While doing laundry I over heard a couple trying to book a room. Although the front desk people were sympathetic and tried to be helpful by booking rooms for them in other hotels, all the people on their way to Sturgis as well as the Jazz festival in town had the entire city sewn right up.

Went to dinner at the McKenzie River Co. Mmmm. good. Felt sorry for the waitress though because she had to stand there and endure a 5 – 10 min lecture on gluten intolerance and what cross contamination is and all the special dietary requirements of gluten intolerant people and what it means to be lactose intolerant and how is their kitchen set up and why don’t they have a separate menu for people who are gluten intolerant……..

Day 4 down… 15 to go…

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