Day 6 – Part 2

We arrived at the Buffalo Chip and found our way to the check in area. By this time I’d already started to go into chrome overload.  Everywhere as far as you could see was a sea of bikes. And there was no words to describe the feeling that came out of nowhere when I saw the gates that I had read about so many times, but never had the opportunity before now to see. When you roll through the gates of the welded and weathered metal archway gate of Buffalo Chip Campground rusted and rugged in the sun and you see the words welcome home bikers, it’s like truly coming home.  To a home you’ve never been to before

We were given a map when we checked in and quickly compared the map to the directions our friend had given us to where they were staying.  The directions themselves were unique. “Go past the  saloon at the Crossroads, follow the directions to Bikini Beach, turn right when you get to the Y, then turn left on to Hen street. We’re the trailer on the left with the Electra glides in front.


Hot and dusty, we finally found our way to the site but I was stressing the whole way as I discovered that my red light had come on in Sturgis and stayed on all the way into the Chip. Not a good sign. 

We pulled into our spot, hugs all around, unloaded the bikes and proceeded to set up camp. I’m looking forward to the first show this evening – even though i missed Alice Cooper,  Nazareth is playing on the big stage tonight. 

It’s wall to wall trailers everywhere we look. And we definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto



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