Day 7 – Aug 4

Can’t believe I’m actually in the Buffalo Chip.    More to the point – I can’t believe in camping.  

The concerts the night before were amazing!  As well, everyone is so laid back and relaxed that you can’t help but have fun.  

After riding for so long to get here and the stress of vehicle problems we chose to take a day off the bikes and relax. Wandering around the Chip is proving to be interesting enough.  Between all the vendors, the food, and some of the people – wow.  

We saw the Cossacks motorcycle group from Seattle.   Absolutely amazing.  Got our “I rode mine” 75th sturgis patches.   Took in some of the music at the crossroads stage as well as some of the biker build competitions.  Just amazing workmanship.  


Oh. One more thing.  The rumour that a lot of the young girl walk around wearing nothing but paint is false.    They wear getting a or skimpy shorts, fishnet stockings and high heeled boots with the paint.   Some only wear flip flops, shorts and pasties.     

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