Day 10 – August 7, 2015

Friday.  Today dawned a bit cloudy and rainy.  Hubby was not feeling too good today.  The combination of the sun, the alcohol, lack of water and some of the food has worked him over a bit.  So today, we decided to stick around camp and just have a rest day.  Not too eventful during the day.  Our campsite mate Randy wrenched on my bike and got it running again.  We did the battery check.  Then we went to the concerts.  Got rained out.  Am not too enamoured with the Buffalo Chip and it’s level of services.  We had prepaid for a package that included the meals so we wouldn’t have to go scrounge for food.  We find that the suppers aren’t served until 6pm (most concerts start at 7pm).  Because of the hours of operation of the Stage West, which happens to be the preferred vendor, we are restricted at either not eating there during the morning because of the late breakfast hours or gobbling our dinners so that we aren’t still eating when the shows start.  Because of this we will have a number of the food chips left over at the end that are paid for and no chance of refund.

On the good side, we were able to get the bike running and Dan took it for a spin to make sure it was working correctly.  It looks all good.

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