Day 11 – August 8 Finally!! the bike ~ it’s alive!!

Today was the day for us to try the bike and make sure it worked.  Randy wanted to make sure I got out on the ride so I wasn’t stranded when they pulled out.  Both himself and Rob are debating leaving the next day in order to take some different roads and visit family on the way back to California.

After organizing things again, we rode out of the campsite.  The long lineups in order to get anywhere is maddening.  Everything we go it’s idling for over 1/2 hour before moving 1 – 2 blocks.  Even at the early hours of 6am.

 We headed out on a circular route through Deadwood, Buck Horn Café and wanted to get a look at Devils Tower.  Arriving at some of these towns is overwhelming in that there are so many people everywhere that there is no parking – even for a bike that can squeeze in anywhere.  The constant roar of the bikes is everywhere and there are lines and lines of bikes on the highways.  Definitely not what I am used to.  In fact in most of the roads I ride, I’m used to myself and my travel companions, and a few cars, maybe another bike or two along expanses of highway.  I admit it. I’ve been spoiled.

We stopped for some photo ops along the way.  The scenery is amazing and I wish I could give it my full attention but with the unfamiliar riders on the road I’m not sure what they hell they are doing most of the time so I just watch the road and try not to get killed.  I’ve made a vow that Dan and I have to come back through here when it isn’t bike week.  Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas are gorgeous!

We headed back to the campsite for the evening.  War in concert tonight!  Oh yeah!

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