It’s That Time Of Year

I make no secret about the fact that I live in North America.  And although I live in Canada (aka north of the 49th parallel ), generally thought to be the land of igloos and dog teams, I actually live in an area with a very moderate climate.  

We do get SOME snow during the winter months, but compared to the Prairies or the eastern part on the country it’s not as harsh of a climate.  I have to say My Island and the week of snow a year we get, spoils me.  

 Unfortunately it’s not the snow that stops me from riding year round. Due to our moderate climate, it isn’t uncommon for us to get a week or more of rain.  Living in a coastal rainforest has its drawbacks.  😉   But also after receiving all this rain, a cold snap will cause the temperature to drop and ice forms.  NOT good on two wheels, let alone four.  

The other thing that makes it difficult to ride all year round is the stuff they use on the roads.  Whether it be saline solution or calcium chloride or the rock salt mixture – that stuff is hard on bikes.  So once you ride, you have to spend hours getting in and cleaning in every nook and cranny  or very shortly your beloved bike will start losing paint and chrome or even a windshield or two because of cars and trucks spitting up gravel and rocks.  

Not fun- to say the least

My point?  During this time of year I spend sorting through pictures of rides taken in the riding months and visiting my favourite website for ride videos.

I know.  Shameless plug.  But as a disclaimer, I don’t know these people personally – but I know what keeps me sane in the winter months.  

Be prepared for some “historical” photos in the near future. 


  1. Believe it or not, I still have that link you emailed me on March 2, 2014 at 1:21 PM for that site.

    I still look forward to heading over that way some day…

    Cheers EG

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