How things change

When I first started this blog, it was solely for the purpose of sharing the rides that I had taken with the friends that I knew.

As I started taking more rides, and knowing more people, this blog started to spread. Now, I have more followers than I ever thought that I would get. I’ve reached more people, and more riders than I ever thought that I would reach on the North American continent and beyond.

But one of the most surprising things of this whole experience in the past four years that I’ve had this blog, is the fact that the audience I’ve reached and that have reached back have become part of my life. There are people that I would never have met if I hadn’t started this blog. And those people in turn when they post topics I enjoy being part of their lives. That being said, when the same people don’t post regularly, it’s almost like – because you become part of my family I start to worry if everything is OK? Are you going through trials and tribulations? Are you having problems in your lives? All in all the surprising thing for me is that because of this blog a wider community writers has become a part of my world.

Funny isn’t it?

To all of you.  Travel safe.   Ride well.  



  1. I guess those more experienced writers/ bloggers amongst us don’t struggle as much to put finger to keyboard and come up with a post.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I do struggle sometimes, its not easy to find something to write about each week – although I’ve managed to string together 52 weekly posts in a row over the past 12 months.

    You are right though – I do feel a connection with my followers and those that I follow. I suppose we are all looking for something: travel ideas, tips, pointers or just simply. Friendship

    Cheers and stay well

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    • That and, from talking to other riders, I came to realize that what I thought as mundane and boring. Ho hum. Have to ride past the buffalo herd again? Ugh. Another tree that takes 8 people standing around its base to fully encircle it? Booooring. Salmon jumping up stream? Sigh. A black bear chasing me down the road. Etc etc. What I might find commonplace someone else finds exotic. Like one of your past posts about a quaint little town that I had to run to google maps and find out more about because it’s nothing I’ve ever seen before ( it’s the small things that excite me – 😉 I don’t get out much. Lol) Or a picture you posted with a kokoburough( a bird of some sort – which I just butchered the spelling of). To me ANY ride in Australia or South Africa is considered exotic.

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  2. Great post! I blog for me…to enjoy and try to express the creativity I feel in my heart. But what makes it worth it even more is the interaction I have had with so many good people. Thanks for your encouraging words and ride safe!

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  3. I started our blog to share the trips we take by motorcycle, nothing more, nothing less. I do relish the correspondence with other moto bloggers, especially those in other parts of the world. Reading their words and seeing their photos of their homeland as well as trips they have taken inspires me to ride more and travel further. Wonderful post.

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