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I’ve been looking into investing in some camera equipment to take movie footage of rides.  I’ve done some reading reviews about different systems, but I’d really like to get some feedback from my readers as what kind of equipment you have.  Drawbacks? Pluses? Overloads on computer systems?   

4 thoughts on “Asking some info

  1. I currently use the GoPro Hero 3 when I ride. It’s very robust and easy to use. The customer support is also pretty decent. The imagery is great, but only within 20-50 ft. The GoPro is set up with a fish-eye lense so you loose details at distance. Overall I’m happy with is for riding purposes but I still take a lot of stills with my phone.

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  2. I purchased a Sony Action Sport Camera in the past. I had to return it due to it not holding up to the vibration on the bike, mounted on handlebars. As it was similar to GoPro, cost less, but not enough mounting options, and again, vibration killed it. I have used a Kodak digital camera mounted on handlebars, not the best resolution, but it worked when i wanted to get some footage.
    I am looking either the GoPro Black Edition, as all reviews say they hold up, plus look at Youtube, tons of good footage of bikers getting there video from a GoPro. Cost is still a bit high but you can usually find a sale. The other option is the new Sena 10c action Camera, with all the things I already have. Bluetooth, intercom between Sena units, but it does have the camera. Now this mounts on your helmet, unlike the GoPro which can be mounted anywhere. Cost is fair considering all it can do, but do I need another bluetooth unit? I think It will be the GoPro. Maybe my wife will buy it me it, just cause she loves me.

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  3. I had a GoPro and loved it; then got stupid and sold it. My choice now is to either rebuy a new model, or check out the Sena cam. I like that you can easily do voice over (Vlogging) with the Sena cam, so if you want to comment while riding you can.

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